Xiao-Le Deng

如何写引言? (How to write Introduction)

2021-05-12 09:00
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1. 来自Academic Phrasebank的建议

Introducing Work - Academic Phrasebank

  • 主题的背景和重要性 (background and importance of the topic)
  • 简要回顾相关学术文献 (giving a brief review of the relevant academic literature)
  • 提出研究领域中的问题、问题、知识缺口或争论 (present an issue, problem, knowledge gap or controversy in the field of study)
  • 定义论文的主题或关键术语 (define the topic or key terms used in the paper)
  • 称述目的,解释研究的意义或价值 (state the purpose, explain the significance or value of the study)
  • 提供文章的结构概述 (provide an overview of the structure of the paper)

The CARS model (create a research space) by John Swales (1990):

  • 确定领域(确定主题的重要性,回顾以前的工作),Establishing the territory (establishing importance of the topic, reviewing previous work)
  • 确定利基(表明知识上的差距),Identifying a niche (indicating a gap in knowledge)
  • 占据小众市场(列出新研究的目的,列出问题,陈述工作的价值,表明写作的结构),Occupying the niche (listing purpose of new research, listing questions, stating the value of the work, indicating the structure of the writing)