Dr. Xiao-Le Deng

CRUST1.0: Global Crustal Model at 1x1 Degrees

2020-11-12 19:00

1. Introduction

This new model is specified on a 1x1 degree grid and incorporates an updated version of our global sediment thickness .

In CRUST1.0, the principal crustal types are adopted from CRUST5.1. But the crustal types are now aligned with the crustal age map of Artemieva and Mooney. Additional crustal types mark specific tectonic settings, such as orogens, continental rifts, continental shelves and oceanic plateaus. CRUST1.0 also has a few new types, including one for very young (< 3 Myrs) oceans. In contrast to older models, the function of crustal types in CRUST1.0 is limited to assigning elastic parameters to layers in the crystalline crust.

CRUST1.0 will consist of less than 40 crustal types. Each of the 1x1-degree cells will have a unique 8-layer crustal profile where the layers are

  1. water
  2. ice
  3. upper sediments
  4. middle sediments
  5. lower sediments
  6. upper crust
  7. middle crust
  8. lower crust

Parameters VP, VS and rho are given explicitly for these 8 layers as well as the mantle below the Moho. The parameters below the Moho are determined using a modified version of the recent Pn model LLNL-G3Dv3 (for the LLNL model, see below under external links).

2. Download

3. Reference

Laske, G., Masters., G., Ma, Z. and Pasyanos, M., Update on CRUST1.0 - A 1-degree Global Model of Earth's Crust, Geophys. Res. Abstracts, 15, Abstract EGU2013-2658, 2013.