Dr. Xiao-Le Deng

Tesseroids: Forward modeling of gravity fields in spherical coordinates

2020-11-03 19:50
#Researchsoftware #C #Python

1. Introduction

Tesseroids is a collection of command-line tools for modeling the gravitational potential, acceleration, and gradient (Marussi) tensor.

The mass models can be made of right rectangular prisms or tesseroids (spherical prisms). Computation for rectangular prisms can be made in Cartesian or spherical (geocentric) coordinates.

GitHub: https://github.com/leouieda/tesseroids

Documentation: http://tesseroids.leouieda.com/en/latest/

2. Reference

Uieda L, Barbosa V, Braitenberg C. (2016). Tesseroids: Forward-modeling gravitational fields in spherical coordinates. Geophysics, 81(5), F41-F48. http://doi.org/10.1190/geo2015-0204.1