Dr. Xiao-Le Deng

TGF: Terrain-related Gravity Field

2020-11-02 11:20
#Researchsoftware #Matlab

1. Introduction

TGF software is capable of calculating the gravity field generated by an arbitrary topographic mass-density distribution. Depending on the attenuation character of gravity field with distance, the adaptive algorithm divides the integration masses into four zones, and adaptively combines four types of geometries (i.e., polyhedron, prism, tesseroid and point-mass) and DEMs with different spatial resolutions.

Besides, the TGF software allows to calculate ten independent gravity field functionals, supports two types of density inputs (constant density value and digital density map), and considers the curvature of the Earth by involving spherical approximation and ellipsoidal approximation.

Further to this, the TGF software is also capable of delivering the gravity field of full-scale topographic gravity field implied by masses between the Earth’s surface and mean sea level.

Download: TGF - Astronomische und Physikalische Geodäsie

2. Reference

Yang, M., Hirt, C., & Pail, R. (2020). TGF: A New MATLAB-based Software for Terrain-related Gravity Field Calculations. Remote Sensing, 12(7), 1063. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs12071063