Dr. Xiao-Le Deng

EMagPy: Python API and GUI for 1D EMI modeling/inversion

2020-10-24 11:00
#Researchsoftware #Python

1. Introduction

EMagPy is an open-source Python API and GUI for 1D EMI modeling/inversion.

Download: EMagPy · GitLab

Document: EMagPy python API and standalone GUI — EMagPy 1.1.0 documentation

2. Main API methods

  • Problem.show() Show apparent values as scatter plot
  • Problem.showMap() Show spatial distribution of apparent values for given coil
  • Problem.calibrate() Calibration of ECa value given depth-specific EC dataset
  • Problem.invert() General inversion routine
  • Problem.showResults() Show inversion results as a transect
  • Problem.showSlice() Show the slice for the selected inverted layer
  • Problem.showOne2one() Show 1:1 graph of modeled vs observed apparent EC
  • Problem.showMisfit() Show the observed and the modeled ECa

3. Reference

McLachlan, P., Blanchy, G., & Binley, A. (2020). EMagPy: open-source standalone software for processing, forward modeling and inversion of electromagnetic induction data. Computers & Geosciences, 104561. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cageo.2020.104561