Dr. Xiao-Le Deng


This page is from The fatiando package — Fatiando 0.5.


The fatiando package contains all the subpackages and modules required for most tasks.

Modules for each geophysical method are group in subpackages:

  • gravmag: Gravity and magnetics (i.e., potential fields)
  • seismic: Seismics and seismology
  • geothermal: Geothermal heat transfer modeling

Modules for gridding, meshing, visualization, etc:

  • mesher: Mesh generation and definition of geometric elements
  • gridder: Grid generation and operations (e.g., interpolation)
  • vis: Plotting utilities for 2D (using matplotlib) and 3D (using mayavi)
  • datasets: Fetch and load datasets and models from web repositories
  • utils: Miscelaneous utilities, like mathematical functions, unit conversion, etc
  • constants: Physical constants and unit conversions

Also included is the fatiando.inversion package with utilities for implementing inverse problems. There you’ll find ready to use regularization, optimization methods, and templates to implement new inversion methods.

Inversions implemented in Fatiando leverage fatiando.inversion, providing a common interface and usage patters. For examples, see modules fatiando.seismic.epic2d, fatiando.seismic.srtomo, fatiando.gravmag.basin2d, fatiando.gravmag.euler, fatiando.gravmag.eqlayer, etc.

The design of fatiando.inversion was inspired by scikit-learn, an amazing machine-learning library.

2.List of modules and packages